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» Watershed Restoration Planning

Help guide the future of local stream and watershed improvement in the Montana section of the Kootenai River watershed.

Eureka - March 23: 6 -7:30 pm, Lincoln Electric Cooperative
Troy - March 25: 6 -7:30pm, Kootenai Senior Center
Libby - March 26: 6 -7:30pm, First National Bank

At these meetings:
- Find out about the health of our streams
- Share your concerns and ideas
- Identify voluntary projects to improve streams in the watershed

All meetings are free and everyone is welcome.The meetings are likely to be of particular interest to landowners with stream frontage; those with businesses connected to streams or that rely on water; people interested in fish or wildlife; and those who recreate in or near streams.

For more information, email kootenaiwrp@gmail.com or call Karen at 406-551-0432.

Mission Statement
The Kootenai River Network is a cooperative, transboundary, non-profit organization created to foster partnerships with private and public interests dedicated to the protection, utilization, restoration, and education of water resources in the Kootenai River watershed.

Kootenai River Network, Inc. is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that accomplishes its goals through grants and contributions from collaborators. The group formed late in 1991 in response to citizens concerns of threatened or deteriorating water quality and aquatic resources in the Kootenai River Basin.

The primary purpose of the Kootenai River Network is to foster communication and implement collaborative processes among private and public interests in the watershed. These cooperative programs lead to improved resource management practices and the restoration of water quality and aquatic resources in the basin. We seek to empower local citizens and groups from two states, one province, two countries and affected tribal nations to collaborate in natural resource management in the basin.

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